Welcome to Where Are You Again? or Waya. Here will sit minimally reviewed or edited entries involving observations about the places I am at within my head and or physically in the world. All pictures and text on this website are taken and written by K. Kilkuskie unless otherwise noted. All original content is published under... Continue Reading →

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Returning to Como June 9th, 2018

The C30 bus honks it’s horn before it turns each corner on the winding road that runs along lake Como. We had barely missed the final ferry from Bellagio which was not much less than the time that afforded us the ability to leave Varenna in hopes of making it home the same way we... Continue Reading →

Como, Italy. June 8, 2018

A school band warms up in their ground floor classroom whose windows open out to one of the main roads in Como. It is just quarter after 11 and groups of teenagers are intermingling with the pairs and individuals move about with their umbrella shields from the light drops of rain we are to expect... Continue Reading →


Scotland- I lost the bit of warm sunshine to a nap and woke to a fog rolling in over the hills. The strong breeze has suggested I refrain from my planned swim and my eyes were already falling with my wilted posture so I strung up the hammock again, sliding into the worn wool sheath... Continue Reading →

May 31, 2018. Portugal

These days I spend looking around, dipping into shop and markets to look at things that had a life long before this moment, writing about passings that will not reach a conclusion or taper off, but simply drop, I will fall in love with faces, gestures and interactions between and during meals and places. I... Continue Reading →

May 3, 2018 Pt 1. London

I get off at Camden Square because it sounds familiar and I am not yet ready to venture back to the Victoria and Albert museum where I met a good friend from Oregon and his wife for tea and cake. This was after many text messages of coordination and a delayed flight from Berlin. At... Continue Reading →

Escape! May 2nd, 2018

Hello! I am in London, or at least on the plane in Berlin on the way to London. This is the start of what I am somewhat lovingly, but more with tired humor calling “Escape from Schengen Part Two! (insert catchy subtitle here and maybe some action/spy music). Since mid March I have changed locations... Continue Reading →

A Prague Morning. April 24th

The 6am sky glows with a sunshine of a sun long risen. The gauze like curtain is being steadily pushed to the edge of my bed with a light exhale sort of breeze. Were I to barely reach out my hand, my backs of my fingertips would graze it. The only sound is that of cooing pigeons... Continue Reading →

Eating at Home Without a Home

Travel isn't just what you do outside in a new place, what nature, shops, historical sites and instagrammable bites (literal and figurative). At least for me it isn't. Last night as I waited for water to boil for my tea in the common kitchen at the University guesthouse that we will call home in Jena... Continue Reading →

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